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Million Miles, Million Smiles Comedy & Magic Tour

Million Miles, Million Smiles Tour

While traveling abroad many years ago, Eric Thompson recognized that many families, especially those with children, lacked necessities that we often take for granted in the United States. Hearing about impoverished nations and seeing their suffering are two different perspectives.

The seed was planted when Eric thought about the people he saw who lacked consistently clean water, basic nutritional needs, and access to medical treatment, schools, and jobs. He was searching for a way to help when a long-time friend approached him and offered him a seat on a plane heading to meet up with a missionary group in Latin America. Eric jumped at the chance, and the group decided the best way to use Eric’s skills as an entertainer would be to organize shows in the many villages they would visit. The news of a professional American entertainer coming to perform for them brought out large crowds and anticipation in every village they visited.

The Magic Of A Child's Love

The children fell in love with his humor and magic tricks. In many villages, he quickly became known as “Senor Mago Loco,”

The children fell in love with his humor and magic tricks. In many villages, he quickly became known as “Senor Mago Loco,” translated that’s Mr. Crazy Magician. The children would see his show at their school during the day and bring their entire family to the village center or a large church for a second show that evening. Here, Eric had the opportunity to meet and talk at length with many of the people. He learned of their plight and how they worked to combat the problems associated with poverty and hunger.

These people touched Eric in a way that no one else could. Having shared their homes, food, and fellowship, Eric knew what he would do to help. Returning to the United States, he began a campaign to raise money. The money would buy a handout for his new friends in Latin America and an opportunity to grow their food. They could be able to sell or trade the extras at the market.

Eric quickly decided that this would become an obsession, and he named his program MILLION MILES MILLION SMILES. He promised the world to visit many remote and distressed destinations where people were void of joy and hope. Bringing his ability for magic and comedy performance, Eric helps them learn to laugh and forget their problems, even if just for a little while. At many of his MILLION MILES MILLION SMILES destinations, he tries to arrange a donation of food for the families in his audiences to take home.

Chickens And Eggs

Eric raised thousands of dollars by performing benefit shows where portions of the proceeds went to charity. These donations were surpassed by the many fraternal, religious, and community organizations who have continued to support this cause with donations. Many of Eric’s oldest friends and clients have generously made private donations to some of Eric’s favorite mission groups.

Much of the money has gone to purchase pairs of chickens for families in Guatemala and West Africa. The families take care of the chickens, harvesting some eggs for food and allowing the others to hatch. Within a few months to a year, they have a flock that gives them an endless supply of protein via eggs and meat to feed their family and sell the other birds and eggs at the market. Eric’s passion and generosity have created dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs worldwide. This action is helping to eliminate poverty in many villages, one family at a time.

Continents Around The World

Eric has also spent untold hours raising money and awareness for the less fortunate in the United States. He regularly performs in homeless shelters, churches, and charities raising money and awareness for countless charities.

This past Christmas season, Eric wanted to send a few pairs of mating chickens to the families in Burkina Faso and Guatemala that befriended him during his time in their countries. Setting out to raise enough money to send two dozen pairs of chickens to each nation, Eric put the word out at a handful of his performances and via social media. Within a couple of weeks, he and his friends had collected enough money to purchase more than 220 chickens to help hundreds of people in the villages in Africa and Latin America, where Eric spent time performing and making friends.

ZERO Administration Cost

Eric continues to work with his old friends while he works to visit more countries. Over the next several years, his plans include visits to perform and offer food assistance to people in China, South America, and India.

All of these travel and travel-related expenses are done without donations or grants. Eric and his family pay for the trips and use donations or offerings to benefit those who need them most. There is ZERO administration cost deducted from the money Eric collects. MILLION MILES MILLION SMILES is an idea, a groundswell of compassion and generosity of Eric Thompson and a wide circle of his friends and family who want to help those who need it the most.

Eric has taken his talents to communities on several continents worldwide in such far-reaching places as Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, The Bahamas, Martinique, Burkina Faso, West Africa and more.

Million Miles, Million Smiles Comedy & Magic Tour
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