Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Show Suitable For Families And Children?

Yes, shows can be tailored for any audience, including children, just ask my grandkids!

Is The Show Suitable For Adults?

It depends, can you handle it? Yes, shows are suitable for adults!

What Is The Fee For A Show?

There are many variables like travel, the length of the show, etc., that go into the fee. Please contact me for an exact quote! Also, be sure to ask about non-profit rates!

Can The Show Be Adapted Or Personalized For An Individual Or A Company’s Theme?

Yes, I've performed for many different corporate audiences, on opposite sides of the funny bone.

What Is The Smallest/Largest Size Audience You Will Work For?

No audience is too small or too large. I have performed for audiences of just a single person or a handful of people to crowds of as many as 2,500 people in a music hall theater and more than 3,500 in a small outdoor stadium!

Who Provides The Sound And Lighting Equipment, If It Is Needed?

All audio equipment and stage/performance lighting is the responsibility of the host and not the performer. However, most performances can be done with normal room lighting and many audiences don’t require sound equipment to enjoy the show. Check details by asking when the show is being booked.

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If you didn't find the answer to your question here, or if you are ready for a quote, leave Eric a message here. He will make all of your questions dissappear!

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